Asparagus: a testimony to spring season

Spring is our inspirational season on the farm - watching everything burst, bloom and sing. Think regeneration and fecundity - bees buzzing, birds nesting and asparagus tips emerging! 

For us asparagus is a testimony to the season - bright, green and fresh. Picking starts in May and sometimes we eat ours straight out of the bed - it's really tasty!

We advise that you check out your asparagus when purchasing - this is not your imported bunch - the tips should be firm and in tact with smooth, glossy spears. And there should be a sweet freshness when tasted.

There are many ways to prepare - raw, steamed with hollandaise, grilled, roasted, stir fried, pureed - check out the New York Times tips on cooking with a few, great recipes:

And most of all - savor and enjoy!


Barbara Link
Barbara Link