An Ode to the New England Cranberry

Fitting for Thanksgiving Day, we're announcing the Polyura Collection here at Agraria Edibles. The Polyura Collection introduces a line of cranberry fruit preserves using our native New England cranberry. Polyura is a collaboration with our wonderfully talented colleague, Julie Nahas. Julie brings a wealth of expertise from the restaurant world and is challenging us to produce creative flavor pairings with this heirloom fruit. 

We purchase our organic cranberries from Fresh Meadows Farms in Carver, MA. Unlike so many of the organic cranberries you might find in grocery stores - coming out of the midwest or Canada - these are the real deal - grown with lots of tradition and care right here in Massachusetts. Dom Fernandes is a third generation grower and has made an incredible commitment to grow the organic berry. He grows heirloom varieties, Early Black and Howe, that were developed in the 1800's on Cape Cod. Unlike conventional methods, Dom uses traditional dry harvesting and sorting techniques for his organic berries. The freshness, color and flavor are incomparable!

We give thanks to Dom and Fresh Meadows Farms for providing us with this wonderful berry. We hope you'll try our line of cranberry fruit preserves and taste the difference!  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Barbara Link
Barbara Link